Warranty conditions

The term of warranty service is specified on the website, as well as specified in the operating documents of a specific product. We strongly recommend that you carefully familiarize yourself with the warranty conditions and the operating instructions before starting to use the equipment!

Warranty repairs are carried out by representatives of the manufacturer or seller (service centers) in the presence of a warranty card and a document confirming payment for the product (receipt).

ATTENTION! If the user did not comply with the relevant requirements when sending the product to the service, the product may not be accepted. In this case, the service center notifies the client of non-fulfillment of the conditions for accepting the product for service, the product is returned to the customer, and all expenses for sending the product are paid by the user.

In order to avoid possible misunderstandings, it is necessary to keep the documents attached to the product during its sale, packaging and all accessories attached to the product during the warranty period.

The user assumes responsibility for the timely storage of important data and their protection.

The right to warranty service is lost in the following cases:

  • if the product intended for personal (household, family) needs was used for business activities or other needs that do not correspond to its direct purpose;
  • in case of violation of the rules and conditions of operation, installation of the product, described in the instructions for installation and operation;
  • if the product has traces of unqualified repair attempts;
  • if the defect is caused by a change in the design, product scheme or basic software, which was not carried out by employees of our service center;
  • if the serial number of the product has been changed, erased or cannot be established;
  • if seals or stickers installed by the seller or (and) the manufacturer are broken on the product. (In the case when the serial numbers and markings are not on the product, but are present on the packaging, you need to keep the packaging for the entire warranty period);
  • if the defect is caused by force majeure, accidents, deliberate or careless actions of the consumer or a third party;
  • if the detected damage is caused by the ingress of foreign objects, substances, liquids, insects or extreme temperatures into the product;
  • the presence of electrical or mechanical damage to electrical contacts, connections, radio elements;
  • presence of thermal damage to the product and its component parts;
  • if maintenance, cleaning is required (audio, video heads, mechanical drives, etc.)

Warranty obligations and free service do not cover the following defects:

  • mechanical damage that occurred after the product was handed over to the consumer;>
  • damages caused by careless, sloppy use and non-observance of product care rules;
  • natural wear of elements in cases of exceeding the specified norms of normal operation, as well as body elements of portable products;
  • damage or abnormal functioning of the product is caused by: failures or non-compliance with the standards of power, telecommunication, cable and other similar external factors;
  • using non-standard and (or) low-quality consumables, accessories, spare parts, power cells, media of various types, software products that were not supplied or recommended by the manufacturer.

Electronic guarantee

To receive an electronic warranty for TM NEOR, you must fill out the registration form and attach a document confirming the purchase (cheque, invoice or other document)

Be sure to provide up-to-date contact information and correct product information (serial number).

The warranty letter will be sent to the e-mail address specified during registration.

The warranty period for TM NEOR equipment is calculated from the moment of purchase of the product, detailed information according to the warranty conditions is placed in the warranty card.

You can ask all questions about using or receiving an electronic guarantee to the manager of the service center by writing a letter to the e-mail address: service@neor.ua

Registration form for obtaining a warranty card

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