Modernity requires action

A person of the 21st century needs progressive solutions in the world of technology. At the beginning of 2018, CREO SYNERGY LLC decided to introduce a new brand – NEOR, dictated by the requirements of the modern market, and its product group was initially aimed only at education and business.

The name “NEOR” is deciphered as “New Era Of Reason”, which in Ukrainian means “new era of reason”, it is time to improve the ways of achieving the goal thanks to technologies.

The main positions in NEOR’s assortment are currently: document cameras and laminators, 3D printers, audio and video communication systems, as well as cooking equipment. Already today, we are working on new product categories that will pleasantly surprise you and make the touch of your everyday affairs more pleasant!

We are sure that every product should have the necessary functionality, be ergonomic, understandable and accessible to the consumer, therefore we cooperate only with the best manufacturing plants that have withstood tough competition in terms of requirements to protect the needs of our consumers. All products have their own quality certificates not only of the manufacturing plants, but also of Ukrainian and international control organizations.

Technology at the service of man

We want to make this world a better place, even if only a little, so we very carefully and with values select the product that will create benefit, comfort and coziness for every Ukrainian!

The desire to satisfy all needs in modern and high-quality equipment inspires us to constantly look for ideas to increase the range of products. We pay a lot of attention to the selection of each model, because we are sure that only what we ourselves would buy and recommend without hesitation is a worthy product for our customers.

At NEOR, we clearly understand that there is a great responsibility for every moment, every minute, when the customer encounters a case of improper operation of the equipment. And that is why an electronic guarantee form was developed so that you could contact the SC manager as soon as possible and resolve any issue.

Another thing that is not entirely obvious and extremely important for us is that a lot of attention is paid not only to the functionality, but also to the appearance of our products. That is why our equipment not only works well, performing its task, but also looks good.

According to the results of the independent comprehensive ranking program of the National Rating of the quality of goods and services “Quality Star”, on the basis of financial and economic indicators, “CREO SYNERGY” LLC, which works under the TM “INTBOARD” and “NEOR” was awarded the title “THE BEST ENTERPRISE OF THE COUNTRY 2018” for consistently high quality and achieving superiority in business among enterprises operating in Ukraine!

In 2023, TM NEOR won the national rating of the best goods and services in the nomination “PRODUCER OF APPLIANCES FOR THE HOME, OFFICE AND HEALTH”, for which it was awarded the “Country’s Choice” sign.

Once again becoming the winner in the national rating, the company not only demonstrated its competitive advantages, but also declared itself as a reliable and promising partner.

Having become the winner in the national rating, the company not only demonstrated competitive advantages, but also declared itself as a reliable and promising partner.

Our friendly team is sincerely grateful to all partners and clients for their trust and fruitful cooperation.

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