Sensor disinfectants are an innovative way to ensure safety and hygiene in public places, offices, shops and other premises. These devices allow you to quickly and effectively disinfect your hands without the need for direct contact with the device, which ensures maximum hygiene and safety.

Sensor disinfectors are equipped with special sensors that automatically turn on the device when a hand approaches it, and turn it off after the disinfection procedure is completed. They work on the basis of alcohol or other antiseptics that quickly kill bacteria and viruses that can cause diseases.

Touch sanitizers are available in different sizes and shapes, allowing them to be placed in different places such as entrances, receptions, office spaces, shops, restaurants and others. They have an elegant and modern design, which allows them to harmoniously fit into any interior.

Since touch sanitizers do not require direct contact with the device, they provide the highest level of hygiene and safety for users. This is especially important in the conditions of the spread of various infectious diseases and viruses.