Professional 3D printer for advanced users and complex STEM projects.


Professional 3D printer for advanced users and complex STEM projects.

  • Extruder type Direct
  • Software in Ukrainian
  • Reduced operating noise
  • Thermally stable workspace

Delivery is free

Exchange/return of goods within 20 days

Warranty 12 months

85 750 грн.

  • Warranty extension services

    Fast and free repair of warranty failures or compensation of 100% of the cost of the equipment + free delivery to the service center and back.

    • 399 грн.

Shopping for good

Every time you buy NEOR products, we donate 25 UAH to the “Tabletochki” Foundation to help those in need.

“Tabletochki” – is a Ukrainian charitable foundation that provides support in the form of medicines, medical equipment, and financial assistance for necessary surgeries and procedures.


This printer model comes in a black color with glass inserts to control the printing process. Additionally, the workspace is backlit.

The touch control panel is located at the bottom of the case. The device’s menu is very simple and clear, and it is not difficult to understand the controls. Starting 3D printing and setting the necessary parameters is done in a few movements.


The NEOR Professional has a closed body that blocks out all external interference, reduces noise during 3D printing, and provides a uniform mode for stable operation with some types of plastic.

Print customization features allow you to maximize the accuracy of the model sketch.

Controls located outside the body make the process of creating a model as convenient as possible.

The thickness of the layers allows you to create training 3D models and elements of various devices. There is a function of printing from removable media without a computer.


  1. Fully enclosed design of the 3D printer (thermostable area inside the printer, reduced noise from operation, protects the printing area from accidental exposure to children, pets, etc.).
  2. Professional type of XY-head / Z-platform mechanics, the use of shafts and short toothed belts instead of long ones (reduced likelihood of belt stretching, improves positioning and print quality).
  3. Direct type extruder.
  4. Sensors for door opening, filament end or breakage.
  5. The print platform is coated with tempered borosilicate glass (provides excellent adhesion of the part during printing, easy to remove when cooled).
  6. Heating of the printing platform.
  7. Illumination of the printing area.
  8. Supplied fully assembled, set up and ready to use immediately.
  9. Printing from microSD cards.
  10. NEOR 3DMaster software in Ukrainian.

Additional information

Розмір робочої області, мм


Товщина шару, мм

0,1 – 0,5

Максимальна точність друку, мм


Тип корпусу


Робочий матеріал

PLA plastic, ABS, Nylon, PC, PETG, PLA Pro, TPU

Діаметр нитки, мм


Швидкість друку, мм/с


Позиціонування по осях Х та У, мм


Позиціонування по осі Z, мм


Габаритні розміри, мм


Вага, кг



110 – 240


the ability to print from an SD card


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